Bitcoin Bubble Graph Compared to DotCom Crash

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Bitcoin Bubble Graph Compared to DotCom Crash

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This post is a bit off-topic when discussing willpower and goals. I decided to post this when I analyzed what happened to Bitcoin in the last few days and found the resulting image really interesting.

There is this model of bubble graph circulating internet that matches the crashes from tulip bubble to Bitcoin.


The difference is usually in the time-frame. What happened in 12 year during the dotcom bubble played out in 60 days during the Bitcoin „correction“. This is the Bitcoin price over the last 60 days.


Here is the chart from the dotcom bust.


And this is what you get when you overlay Bitcoin with dotcom.


For good measure here are all the graphs together.


All the the charts have a slightly upward sloping mean that seems to represent the true value. So lets, see if this crash plays out as others did, or there’s something completely different this time.

3 Comments on “Bitcoin Bubble Graph Compared to DotCom Crash

  • The biggest difference is that BTC is the only way to anonymously pay for drugs, so BTC will never fall to zero, simply because of the countless pot smokers and arms dealers…

    • Ignore the politicians and their media lackeys. The biggest arms and drugs dealers OWN banks. Don’t forget your corrupt political psychopaths will be cashing in regardless of what they say about other traders.
      China is collecting more than anyone else in smaller trading volumes while the US trades fewer in bigger amounts.
      This means the Chinese communists that correctly said it is not a currency but a commodity of no base value is perfectly correct. Most western currencies have nothing of value backing them either…. Unless Hal Turners assertion of “Eminent domain” to China was true.
      So what do you prefer. An uncontrolled currency by any Gov’t for all people good or bad or the loss of your domain? Choose.


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