Setting Goals High!

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Setting Goals High!

Setting goals that are to low will fill us with feeling of contentment and this means that our development stops.

David Michelangelo setting goalsThe greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. ~~ Michelangelo

Set your goal higher than it seems possible, but start with small steps. If you want to run a marathon then it may seem impossible to reach from your current position. Start running 10 minutes a day, and run slowly, walk if it’s seems hard. Increase that time 5 minutes every month. In 12 months you will be able to run more than an hour without rest.

When I started running I was walking my dog. I ran for 4 minutes then walked 4 minutes. I did that 25-30 minutes every time and the results were quick to follow.

I suggest to have no rest days and pick your tempo so that you don’t need rest days. If your body is really tired then just walk but get out there (and maybe take a few running steps). You will need the most willpower to get from couch to a door. Everything else is pretty easy. I have found that getting out every day will help you maintain momentum and the daily routine requires less willpower.

Next year start increasing intensity and you will be ready to run a marathon. I suggest that you use Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide – Novice 1. Or use any other program for beginners they are pretty similar.

Image credit: Michelangelo’s David by Jorge Castro

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