How to Travel: 21 Contrarian Rules

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I actually like to travel, but I usually want my travels have more meaning than just laying on the beach or racing through the checklist of sights to see. Here’s a great post from Ryan Holiday published on Tim Ferriss’s How to Travel: 21 Contrarian Rules

There is nothing inherently valuable in travel, no matter how hard the true believers try to convince us. […] saving your money, plotting your time off work or school, diligently tracking your frequent flyer miles and taking a hostel tour of Europe or Asia on budget may be the wrong way to think about it. ~~Ryan Holiday

Travel should not be an escape. It should be part of your life, no better or no worse than the rest of your life. If you are so dissatisfied with what you do or where you live that you spend weeks and months figuring out how to get a few days away from either, that should be a wake-up call. There’s a big difference between *wanting* a change in scenery and *needing* to run away from a prison of your own making. ~~Tim Ferriss

via How to Travel: 21 Contrarian Rules.


Image credit: Passengers by Dani Sardà i Lizaran

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