Improve Your Life #16: Smile!

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Smiling will make you feel better and stay positive. Make yourself smile and then think of something negative without letting go of the smile. It’s not easy because smiling is bodys way to say everything is OK. Even if you have real negative reasons for being sad forcing a fake smile on your face will make it better. Research by Tara Kraft shows that if you are not even aware that you are making a smiley face your body know and reacts accordingly.

smiling showed widespread effects on cardiovascular recovery, with the smiling groups, regardless of awareness or type of smile, consistently returning closer to baseline levels of cardiovascular activity at the end of the recovery periods following both stress tasks. ~~Kraft 2011

Smiling makes you healthier, It improves your immune system by releasing endorphins and making you more relaxed. Fight cold and flu with smiling. For the same reason smiling also lowers your stress levels. But that is not all smiling can reduce your blood pressure and it acts as a natural painkiller making us feel better.

On the other hand one study showed that patients who can’t smile due to facial muscle disorders are at increased risk of depressive symptoms as they lack emotional feedback from smiling and are unable to communicate positive emotion. Drug yourself with smiling. No risk of OD!

From social aspects smiling will make your communications with others easier. It signals that you are someone who is pleasant and poses no threat. Smiling people also seem more successful and this is an trait other like to associate with. Smiling is contagious and in no time the whole group will be in the happier mood making social encounters more pleasant and fluid.


If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. ~~Andy Rooney

Other research results show that smiling increases endurance while exercising. It reduces recovery time for patients who smile daily.

Start your day with a smile whether you like it or not. Put a note on your bedside table or bathroom mirror that reminds you to smile. Take a minute and smile no matter what. If you are going through a particularly rough patch in your life fake it until you make it.

Smile at least 10 times every day. Greet everybody with a smile, yourself in the mirror, your boss, your family, strangers, co-workers, the clerk at the store. Start and finish your tasks with a smile. Some statistics tell us that children smile more than 400 times a day. Where have we lost all your smiles? Let’s get the smiles back and enjoy the benefits of this natural high.

And now smile, because you can.


Image: Jackie Martinez (#31103) by Mark Sebastian
Image: Andy Rooney by Stephenson Brown

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