The Essence of an Entrepreneur by Uthim Hatari

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In whatever you do you need to set your goals high to get the results that you deserve. Uthim Hatari has distilled the essence of people who do into one neat presentation.

Learn to think big and embrace the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’, so that you see the sky as the floor and not the limit! This slide show is designed to provoke thought. It won’t solve all your problems, but for many it will be a helpful and inspiring place to start.

The Essence of an Entrepreneur from Uthim Hatari

Here are some of the highlights of the slide deck:

  • An entrepreneur knows what will be.
  • Even the risks are not a maybe. The risks will be.
  • When was the last time… You took a risk?
  • The entrepreneur never quits. Every challenge increases determination.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit applies to everything.
  • See the sky as the “floor”. Not the limit.
  • Deliver con-sis-tent-ly.

Uthim Hatari website.

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