Trust Yourself – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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trust arnold schwarzenegger

Six rules of success from Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Trust yourself

As Henry Ford said in a famous quote:

If you think you can do it, or you think you can’t do it, You are right ~Henry Ford

You have to believe that you can accomplish the task in front of you. Make sure you muster all the motivation and believe in yourself. It’s helpful to surround yourself with people who believe and encourage you, but you have to believe in you first.

For example, this website has less than 1000 visitors per month, but I know that with enough work I can get that number to more than 500 thousand visitors per month.

My goal will take about 3000 hours of work to get there. Now the only question is if I am willing to put the hours in?

2. Break some rules

Rules are the guidelines and training wheels of life. There are some that you shouldn’t break in any circumstances. For example, don’t do to others that you don’t want them to do to you. However, there have been rules in all human societies that we now find barbaric. Slavery for instance

But there are everyday rules that are just part of the common knowledge accumulated over the millennia. To create change and do things in a better way you have to break some of those rules.

Listen to what others have to say and make a decision which of those rules are you going to:

  • use
  • modify
  • ignore

Then do it, and your way will become the new rule.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail

If you engage in anything that is worth doing, then it’s hard. When it’s hard, you are not going to succeed right away. Depending on the goal you are after the results may be days, months, or even years in the future. The path to your success goes from one learning experience to another.

On your journey, you will win some or learn some. As Edison put it:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. ~~Thomas A. Edison

4. Ignore the nay-sayers

The people who do not believe in you may have the best of intentions. When you go mountain climbing your family might want you to be safe. When you want to become an artist your friends might point out that not many artists have made it in their lifetime.

Then there are the gatekeepers who think that the old ways are the right ways and you shouldn’t break them. Years back when first women entered marathons the where forcibly removed from the track.

kathrine switzer marathon


Kathrine Switzer was issued a number through an “oversight” in the entry screening process, and was treated as an interloper when the error was discovered. Race official attempted to physically remove her from the race while shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!”

Ignore the people who don’t believe in you or maybe even try to hold you back.

5. Work like hell

Put in the hours!

Whatever you are doing it will take time. The most common reason for not getting to your goals is not working hard enough. Put in a little bit more. Of course, you can’t put in more than 24 hours per day, so try to be more efficient.

Try to improve every day. Take something you did yesterday and do it a bit better today. Step by step improvement may be invisible, but it will lead to great results.

6. Give something back

Find ways to give something back. Help out wherever you can. You can teach people how to do things that have made you successful. If you want to get away from your works, then perform random acts of kindness that are unrelated to your day job.

Now make a conscious decision to help someone or participate in a cause regularly.

Putting it all together

Start working on your goal! Understand that it takes huge amounts of work and time to get there. You will have setbacks and failures. Get up and get going. Things will probably take longer than you planned for.

Don’t stop!

As long as you keep going, your goals will get closer.

Image Miguel Discart

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