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Simplify Your Future

Want more from your career and life? Live by this single sentence. Based on the free eBook of the same name.


Being generous means helping others. Become a mentor, teach others the skills that have made you successful. Perform random acts of kindness. Train yourself to be calm and kind.


Give it your all. Every time! Work like you know that your results will be judged. But do it every day, even if there’s no one evaluating your results. Learn from every mistake and make an effort to improve every day. Become the best possible version of yourself in a given field.


Always do what you have promised. Behave in a way that you would like everybody else to behave. Be the rock your companions can depend on. When your companions have problems, stand strong to deflect the storm while they collect themselves and recover.


Always speak your mind. Tell the truth and do not obfuscate your message to gain favor. Simplify your language. Don’t use big words where simple words will do the trick. If you don’t understand something say so. You might learn something.


Every person you meet will have something to teach you. Everyone has a story that’s worth listening. It doesn’t matter how expert you are there’s always something more to learn and experience. In important matters make an effort to argue the other side. You might find something that you haven’t seen before. Learn about how detaching yourself from your view will give you the perspective you do not have.

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Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Be prepared and flexible. Whatever happens, evaluate the situation and use your head to find the best solution that helps you and the ones around you.


As Winston Churchill said: Never ever give up. In nothing! Not in the small things and definitely not in important matters. Sweat the small stuff, pay attention to detail then you move towards the bigger goals. The winners are those that didn’t give up. Everything that has value needs work. The more value you want, the more work you need to put in. Be the person who plans 5, 10 or even 20 years ahead. You can achieve almost anything in 10 to 20 years.


Be mindful of other people and the events around you. Turn off notifications. Put away your phone when you are talking with people. Focus on the things at hand and do not multi-task. Take in all the details as they happen.

How to be that person who lives by these rules?

Create a routine that you can follow. Routine and discipline are the key factors in getting the results you want.

But what if I don’t have any discipline?

Start small! The first thing is to improve your willpower. You may have almost none now, but you can build it like a muscle. Do something every day that increases your self-control and willpower. For example:

  • Start brushing your teeth with the weaker hand
  • Do one pushup every morning
  • Make your bed when you wake up
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Don’t do them all at once. Start with one, add the next one in two or four weeks. Start to incorporate your work into willpower exercises. Whenever you have to do something that you don’t want to do, think about it as a willpower exercise.


When your behavior becomes a habit, then you have to exert less willpower to complete these actions. Some research shows that building a habit takes more than 2 months. The 21-day habit building is a myth.

If you really want a habit to stick then complete a 90-day or even longer challenge. For my daily writing habit to stick it took almost half a year.

It’s totally worth it. If you can do important tasks automatically, you will be on your way to a better life.

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