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30-Day Writing Challenge

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30-Day Writing Challenge course

I have put together a 30-day challenge to make you a better writer and build your willpower.

30 days! OMG! You have to be kidding!


If you want your daily writing habit to stick, then you will start with a 30-day writing challenge.

Trust me I have tried it.

Here are the results of my 30-day writing challenge. I needed more to form the habit. Then I took on the write every day challenge. I noticed that writing started to feel automatic around the 100-day mark.

Start with the 30-day challenge. After you complete it you can decide how you want to continue.

Now I am on day 826 of my writing streak. Writing comes naturally, and I’m about 2 times faster.

Take the first step and enroll now. It’s free!

PS The challenge is geared towards marketing and SEO in the case you want to get your writing noticed, but you don’t have to publish anything. Just you and your writing.

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Priit Kallas

Founder of FixWillpower.com. I created FixWillpower to help you reach your goals. I have struggled my entire life to be consistent and avoid procrastination. The goal is to have a good life, do the things you love and get your results with minimum effort. FixWillpower website is about how I create motivation and productivity in my life. I write about the tools and techniques, best books, scientific research, and everything else that helps you move faster and stay on track. Minimum effort doesn’t mean slacking off. Minimum effort is about effectiveness and productivity. If there is a way to reach a goal in a shorter time or with less exertion, then you should use that. I will help you be smarter and reach goals faster. About FixWillpower

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