Why FixWillpower?

I created FixWillpower to help you reach your goals.

I have struggled my entire life to be consistent and avoid procrastination. The goal is to have a good life, do the things you love, and get your results with minimum effort.

FixWillpower website is about:

And everything else that helps you move faster and stay on track.

Minimum effort doesn’t mean slacking off. Minimum effort is about effectiveness and productivity. If there is a way to reach a goal in a shorter time or with less exertion, then you should use that.

I will help you be smarter!

When your goal is to run 100k, then maybe you should find out what is the most effective way to do that. Maybe there are better ways than running backward.

In FixWillpower I look for ways to make your life easier. Working more effectively lets you get to your results faster, and you can achieve a lot more in the time you have.

In the quest to work and play more effectively, I need your help. If you find tools or techniques that help to reach goals faster, let me know.

Drop me an email or write a comment on a post about the related topic.

Guest posts

Contact me if you want to write for us. We will publish science-backed blog posts on the topics related to our areas of interest listed above. We have a minimum of 1500-word requirement.

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