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Twelve 30-Day Challenges for 2019 [IDEAS]

30-day challenges that help you build new habits and use as a willpower exercise. Willpower is the foundation of most of your achievements. If you want something, then you just need to work at it until you reach your goal. But, it takes 10,000...

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Tiered Personal Emergency Fund to Make You Bulletproof

Personal financial emergency fund keeps you afloat when something happens. What happens when you lose your income for 6 months? You need to secure enough personal financial emergency funds to get through negative events in your life. Always save something for a rainy day....

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Procrastination Quotes that Make You Act [NOW!]

Do you procrastinate sometimes? I do! I procrastinate so much that it’s probably the most important limitation I have in my professional life. Procrastination has been with mankind for thousands of years. We just can’t seem to get a handle on it. One of...