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your home real estate investment 2

Your Home is a Great Real Estate Investment

Many experts say that buying a home where you live rent-free is not an investment. Well, it is. The fact that Robert Kiyosaki tells that home it’s not a real estate investment doesn’t make it true. Bad debt is debt that makes you poorer....

Living Beyond Limits by Amy Purdy 0

Living Beyond Limits by Amy Purdy [VIDO]

Inspiring and absolutely amazing talk about overcoming obstacles that life throws at you. Every time you feel that you have it though watch this video and you regain the right perspective. Amy Purdy talks about the power of imagination. She explains how our lives...

willpower quotes 0

25 Willpower Quotes That Help You Power Through

Willpower is the foundation of all human achievement. Everybody has some willpower. There are the lucky people whose parents and teachers instilled willpower in them from early on. Then there are others who have a lot less willpower. It doesn’t matter in which group...

personal emergency funds 0

Tiered Personal Emergency Fund to Make You Bulletproof

Personal financial emergency fund keeps you afloat when something happens. What happens when you lose your income for 6 months? You need to secure enough personal financial emergency funds to get through negative events in your life. Always save something for a rainy day....

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My Daily Writing Challenge in 365 Days

Do you want to improve your mental self? More willpower Clarity of thought Faster thinking and idea generation You need these qualities to get better results if you work with your head. But you need to train for that. Everybody understands that to bench...

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Get the latest tips on how to increase your willpower and reach your goals:

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