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Twelve 30-Day Challenges for One Year

30-day challenges that help you build new habits and use as a willpower exercise. Willpower is the foundation of most of your achievements. If you want to get something, then you just need to work at it until you reach your goal. But, it...

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My 30-Day Writing Challenge

Do you want to become a better writer? I do. Most of my output is information. Usually, that output starts with writing something. I figured that the daily writing habit would be useful. Read what I learned when I first started the challenge and...

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30-Day Challenge: Simplify Your Day

Leo Babauta from zenhabits challenged his readers to a 30-day challenge to make their day simpler, focused and relaxed. I’m going to join in starting from June 1 to say “No” to one thing every day. Here are some of the things Leo lists...