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Willingness: The Secret to Double Self Control [VIDEO]

Do you want to keep the promises you made to yourself and stick to your plan? Whatever your challenge, eat less sugar, go for a run, empty your inbox, there are times you don’t feel like keeping the promise you made to yourself. How...

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27 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Would you be willing to help somebody in a small way? Random means that you should do it whenever the opportunity arises. Not just randomly every other year. Focus your attention and find the situations where a small nudge may be appreciated. It should...

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Procrastination Quotes that Inspire You to Act [NOW!]

Do you procrastinate sometimes? I do! I procrastinate so much that it’s probably the most important limitation I have in my professional life. Procrastination has been with mankind for thousands of years. We just can’t seem to get a handle on it. One of...

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