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Self Improvement 25: How to Stop Multitasking

Multitasking does not work! No, It doesn’t! We are constantly distracted by interruptions. Research (Gloria Mark) shows that in an office environment we have only 11 minutes on any given task before we are interrupted. And what’s even more disheartening, it takes 25 minutes...

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Improve Your Life 2: Go for a Walk

Walking every day: It doesn’t matter if you go to a gym or run. Walk for 20-30 minutes and you will feel better. Read about the tremendous health benefits

Walk every day! It doesn’t matter if you go to a gym or run every other day. Go out and walk for 20 to 30 minutes and you will feel better. Walking has tremendous health benefits and helps you clear your head. During your day when you feel that you are stuck or just tired go out and walk a little bit. After walking you will have more energy, fresh ideas, and generally feel better. If you create a habit out of walking, you will reap long-lasting health benefits which include. Watch the video

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How to Stop Procrastinating? [VIDEOS]

Do you sometimes procrastinate on tasks that are important to you? You are not alone! Most people do! Beat your procrastination and you will be unstoppable. Procrastination is in all of us and your ability to deal with it will put you on the...

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Self Improvement 14: Truly Listen

Has there ever been a situation where the other person completely misunderstood what you were saying? If you want other people to trust you, then listen to what they have to say. If you want to be understood, then you also have to listen....

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The Power of Habits Gets You Results

There’s a new best book about how to build good habits and get rid of the bad ones. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear This is one of the best books about...