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Take a Day Off to Enjoy Your Life [Regularly]

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Take a day off.

You are not a robot.

take a day off

From time to time, step out of the rat race and have a day just for yourself.

Use that day to unplug and relax.

You can use that time to be alone, to completely unwind, but you can spend that time with friends and maybe host a party. If you are doing your day off with a partner, family, or friends, then delegate all the demanding organizing tasks to them.

Protect your downtime

Your decision to rest is admirable. However, the world will not stop making its demands on you. You must protect your downtime. If you have decided to take a day off, then let everybody know that you will be unavailable.

Of course, you can’t let everybody know that you are taking a day off, and they will try to contact you. Even if you let others know that you are not available, they will try to contact you.

  • Put downtime on your calendar.
  • Avoid all work-related activities and communication.
  • Turn of all devices, notifications, tools that may steal your downtime.

day off quotes McCreery

For me, the best vacation is just relaxing on the couch! ~ Scotty McCreery

How to take a day off?

It’s the day off. There will be other days when you don’t work but do the chores.

  • Make a plan for the day off.
  • Let your family and friends know if needed.
  • Execute your plan in a relaxed manner.

Of course, your day off may also include more physically or mentally demanding tasks. In this case, don’t overdo it. Running a new personal best marathon is not a good idea if you have to recuperate for several days. Helping a friend run a marathon at a slower pace than your usual running tempo is OK.

The science of the day off

GaryV tells you to work 24/7.

GaryV has had a lot of luck in his life. One of the most important things is that he is in love with what he’s doing.

I can’t say that I hate what I do for work but taking some time off every now and then is a great idea for most of us. And if GaryV’s assistants upload 10 videos per day telling you to work more.


Here the science to back the day off:

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day off quotes Battelle

As you grow older, you learn a few things. One of them is to actually take the time you’ve allotted for vacation. ~ John Battelle

Do only the things you want to do

Make the plan for the day off the evening before. The plan allows you to avoid the pressure of thinking about what to do on your day off. The plan should not have concrete times only loosely spaced activities that you want to do on that day.

Plan for the day off so that you don’t have any chores, and other people will not fill your day with their requests. It’s not the day off if you have to clean the house, visit relatives, wash your car, mow the lawn, or other such activities. Except when you decide in advance to do those things as something that relaxes you.

Exerting yourself is OK if it’s something you want to do, and it doesn’t leave a mark for the next day.

Do only the things you want to do and enjoy doing.

Slow down your pace

Activities for the day begin with waking up without an alarm clock. Take some time to get out of the bed. Slow down; there’s no rush. Eat breakfast, read, or enjoy your favorite music with that.

If you want to go to a movie or a day spa or a museum or a ball game. Make sure to buffer your commute times by 50%. The buffer ensures that there’s no rush, and you will not be stressed out by having to arrive on time.

slow down Gandhi quote

There is more to life than increasing its speed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Avoid confrontations

Decide that whatever happens, you will not get mad. When someone is rude, just ignore it, distance yourself mentally, and walk away. Letting it go will make the potentially stressful experience drift away, and your day off will continue to be unhurried and relaxed.

You can read more about letting it go and how giving in from time to time helps you in this article.

Indulge yourself

After the day’s events, have a good dinner and indulge yourself. Try not to overeat as this would lower your overall sense of well-being.

Go home, wind down, no rush, everything is all right, relaxed. Maybe a little bit of wine and a light snack. Indulge. Go to bed earlier than usual and make a plan to restart yourself in the next morning.


Do it with your partner

You can do all that with a partner, friend, family member, etc. The expectations of the other party may create undue mental stress.

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Keep in mind that on that day, it’s more about you, and if you have a companion, they should not put any unnecessary pressure on you.

If you do the day off with a partner, then they should be old enough to understand what it’s all about. You can’t do it with a small kid.

Let your partner know what it’s all about and maybe even ask them to help you become even more relaxed. If you are doing it with your spouse or friend, then promise to do the same thing for them when they want it.

No computer or gadgets

Avoid computers, smartphones, and other devices. Turn off all notifications, put the phone in silent mode, or, better yet, use the airplane mode. You will call them back when you feel like it, maybe tomorrow. No social media.

Sometimes, you may need to make an exception to this rule. For example, I have a challenge where I write at least 500 words every day. In this case, I take 30 minutes to an hour to write. The best time for this writing is after waking up, having breakfast, and relaxing a little bit. The willpower level is near its maximum, and the task will take relatively little time.

day off quotes Wilson

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. ~ Earl Wilson

Getting back on track

As I mentioned earlier, before you go to sleep, decide to restart and go all-in on the following day. Getting to sleep earlier than usual will give you the extra energy in the morning. More energy will make you really feel that the day off has remade you. The day off will lose its magic if you wake up the next day tired.

This is also one reason you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol that day.

You want the next morning to be serene.


If you do it “right,” it will be magic and thus might be a bit addictive. There’s a real danger of getting lazy and losing momentum if you take several days off in a row. Too much time off will make the getting back on track part harder and harder.

So, don’t overdo it.

Now make a plan when will be your day off and what are you going to do with it.

How often?

At least once a year.

Every three or four months if you can.

Image: Gandhi costume Unknown
Image: Orgasmic Orange Overload by Mendhak

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