The Discipline of Finishing: Conor Neill [VIDEO]

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The Discipline of Finishing Conor Neill

I found this video of Conor Neill talking about hot to invest in yourself and get the results you want. He talks about 3 key qualities Warren Buffett uses to decide if to choose the people to work with.

Failure    = Repeating the bad decisions

Success = Consistency on good decisions

Rule of success = Delay gratification! Be a person with theses criteria :

  1. Integrity: Say “no” to most things
    Coherence between the diary and the values (the time you spend)
  2. Energy: Health, vitality and a bias to action
    Deal with the next unit
    One marshmallow at the time
    Little steps
  3. Intelligence: adapted intelligence (see the patterns and change the direction)
    Write down ideas

You will find out how to live in the moment and get the results you want by adopting some of the tactics used by top athletes to keep themselves going.


If you had €1000 and you could invest that money in someone’s future, who would you bet on? Is it yourself? Outstanding speaker Conor Neill from IESE Business School illustrates how to self apply the three criteria Warren Buffett uses to choose the people in which he trusts with his investments.

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