Willpower Weekend Reading List – May 11, 2014

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Willpower weekly reading list is a collection of posts I have come across during the week and find good enough to share with you.

You don’t learn until you launchyou-dont-learn-until-you-launch

Dan Norris: This time, I didn’t have seven years or 11 months. At the end of the week, I needed traction on the idea or I would have to shut everything down and start job hunting. I had one last crack. This would be my last startup attempt.

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination

BY JESSICA STILLMAN @ENTRYLEVELREBEL: A raft of psychological studies have looked into why we put things off and how to stop. Here are the top takeaways:

  1. Start Easy
  2. Break It Down
  3. Be Nice to Yourself
  4. Get a Good Why
  5. Be Mindful

From OM To OMG: Science, Your Brain, And The Productive Powers Of Meditation

By @BelleBCooper: Using fMRI scans, we can now see what meditation does to the brain. The author suggests it can lead to a happier, more productive, and creative life. And even two minutes a day can do wonders.


I’ve actually found how simple (not easy, but simple) meditation can be and what a huge benefit it can have for my day-to-day happiness.

6 Science-Backed Methods To Improve Your Memory

research tested ways to improve your memory

It turns out that science is continually finding new connections between simple things we can do every day and an improvement in our general memory capacity. Memory is a complicated process that’s made up of a few different brain activities.

Rethinking the Bucket List: Kathleen Taylor at TEDxTampaBay

Kathleen Taylor talks about what helping people that are dying has taught her about being your authentic self.

24 Brilliant Psychological Life Hacks That Successful People Have Been Using Forever

These small shifts will give you greater control of potentially important outcomes, from everyday situations to stressful job interviews. I’ve adapted these awesome pieces of advice from an AskReddit thread on the topic.

focus-golemanDebunking the Myth of the 10,000-Hours Rule

via @brainpicker What it Actually takes to reach genius-level excellence? This is an interesting read however the original 10000h idea included the same rigorous exercise ideas. Goleman is not really “debunking” it.

The Psychology of Getting Unstuck

How to overcome the “OK Plateau” of performance and personal growth.

Cognitive load

Seth Godin writes how cognitive load slows us down, distracts us and diminishes the quality of the work we do.

I Followed My Own Productivity Advice For A Week

what if I formalized this unconscious process? What if, for one week, I fully practiced what I preached? Would the productivity hacks become home? Here’s what happened when I spent a week following my own advice.

Forget Time Management

Do this instead and be more productive:


Image: Running by Eneas De Troya

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