13 Quotes for Entrepreneurs and Other Tips [Slides+Video]

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There are ups and downs when sunning a small business. The ups are fun but sometimes there’s nobody to lean on when you get into the dip.

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We has collected entrepreneur quotes that get perspective and motivate yourself when you need it.

The Top 10 Mistakes of Entrepreneurs, Guy Kawasaki [VIDEO]

One of my favorite authors Guy Kawasaki lists the top 10 of the mistakes entrepreneurs and startups make when building their business. He covers all stages of a business from inception to exit. The video was recorded at the UC Berkeley Startup Competition (Bplan). Guy Kawasaki is former chief evangelist of Apple and co-founder of Garage Technology Ventures.

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Guy Kawasaki presentation starts at 1:46.

Top Ten Mistakes of Entrepreneurs

  1. Multiplying big numbers by 1 percent
  2. Scaling too soon
  3. Partnering
  4. Pitching instead of prototyping
  5. Using too many slides and too small a font
  6. Doing things serially
  7. Believing 51% = control
  8. Believing patents = defensibility
  9. Hiring in your own image
  10. Befriending your VCs
  11. Thinking VCs can add value

Most important point: under-promise and over-deliver!

The Essence of an Entrepreneur by Uthim Hatari

In whatever you do you need to set your goals high to get the results that you deserve. Uthim Hatari has distilled the essence of people who do into one neat presentation.

Learn to think big and embrace the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’, so that you see the sky as the floor and not the limit! This slide show is designed to provoke thought. It won’t solve all your problems, but for many it will be a helpful and inspiring place to start.

The Essence of an Entrepreneur from Uthim Hatari

Here are some of the highlights of the slide deck:

  • An entrepreneur knows what will be.
  • Even the risks are not a maybe. The risks will be.
  • When was the last time… You took a risk?
  • The entrepreneur never quits. Every challenge increases determination.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit applies to everything.
  • See the sky as the “floor”. Not the limit.
  • Deliver con-sis-tent-ly.

10 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Children

The story of me learning from my little son. I became a father when I was still in college and all the experiences I made can be applied to entrepreneurship. The way my son does, sees and perceives things is remarkable and influences me in an incredibly powerful way. by Wallner Marc Eric

entrepreneur tips from children

  1. Take risks!
  2. Be curious!
  3. Don‘t lead! Guide!!!
  4. Pay attention to the little things
  5. Ask questions!
  6. Be social! Talk to people!
  7. Show appreciation!
  8. Use things differently!
  9. Make every penny count!
  10. Get rid of prejudice!

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